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Melbourne Garages are a proud distributor of Fair Dinkum Sheds, widely acknowledged as the largest supply network of Cold Formed Steel Building in Australia. We offer a full range of sheds, garages, carports and barns, as well as SOL full colour box beam patios and verandahs.

The business owners Chris & Emma have been in the shed industry for over 13 years in 2013, with Chris starting off in construction and then making the transition into sales and supply with Emma, which gives us intimate knowledge of the complete procedure. Read more...



Melbourne Garages - Sheds and Garages in Melbourne

When you visit our display site located in Hastings you will be greeted by our team - the owners Chris and Emma, our main man Mick, who has a comprehensive knowledge in building design and council requirements, Katie; our customer liaison and administration officer or Andrew, who manages the store and deliveries. Chris being a registered building practitioner, gives our customers the knowledge, experience and assurance that the project will be planned and designed correctly even for the owner builder and is happy to meet onsite to discuss the project.

Unlike most of our competitors we will manage the whole process from design, permits, referring a concreter, erector, plumber and electrician if required. Sometimes the permit process can include building, planning, build over easement, report and consent and more which can be overwhelming for the home owner to undertake. 

We also have our own scissor lift and required safety equipment, so for larger domestic work such as American barns, Farm sheds, Quaker barns or Machinery sheds, in most cases there is no extra hire charge. Complimentary scissor lift hire is included in erecction quotes which is very uncommon throughout the shed industry, this is just another element that sets us apart from our competitors. We work really hard to give our customers a realistic completed price and expect our trades not to add any extra costs to the job. This is where a site visit and quotation is most valuable.

We believe we are the largest seller of sheds and carports on the Mornington Peninsula due to our local council knowledge, high referral rate and our friendly, approachable team.


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